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Bethesda Milks Skyrim Again!


Bethesda’s Creation Club is basically an officially supported modding community. It’s a great thing and it’s a really good idea. Bringing modders together and showing them that they actually appreciate and aknowledge the work they do for their games is a really nice move from Bethesda. What’s not really nice is that they’ve once again tried to monetize mods. This time they’ve actually done it.




Skyrim survival mod has already been announced. It is available for download in its current (beta) state. This is a great thing because Skyrim always had a potential of being a great survival game. Adding things like cold-weather exposition factor and warm clothing, hunger, thirst and fatigue is great and the fact that all of this is officially supported is even better.

There have been all different kinds of mods on the amazing (unofficial) Skyrim modding community, the Nexus Mods of which some were so very well developed and implemented around the game’s core mechanics that no one would even be able to tell that these were not key features of the game if they got them with the game.


But you can only play this official survival mod for a week before you will have to pay if you want to continue playing the game this way…

So it’s basically a copy, and even though we personally haven’t tried the survival mod just yet but probably even a watered-down version (knowing Bethesda) of an already amazing (and absolutely 100% free at that) Frostfall – Hypotherma Camping Survival fan made mod.



Yes, Bethesda is now selling other peoples ideas through their newfound mod distribution platform.


We are not going to lie to you. The implementation of this mod in the core game is absolutely a great thing however, the way that they are trying to do this is just not okay. We’re not going to blame you for wanting to play the game this way, it’s most definitely going to add some depth to a very shallow experience that a base game of Skyrim is but, remember that you can always get the same experience for free. A mod made by someone who’s initial idea wasn’t to cash out and sell the product but to make an enjoyable gameplay experience for himself and other like-minded people at that without ever turning a profit from this.

I guess what were trying to say is, please try not to support paid mods because of this thing turns out to be a success for Bethesda, expect to see this in every other moddable game on the PC.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile Experience


Are you are a fan of Final Fantasy XV and you simply can’t get enough of the game? Have you already played throughout all of the bonus content that Square Enix has released so far or perhaps you are a PC gamer waiting for the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition to dig in but simply can’t wait any longer to get some of that FF fix? Well, we have an alternative for you that might help you scratch that itch if only for a little while longer.



There is a mobile game that takes place in the Final Fantasy XV universe called Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Although this is not a genuine Final Fantasy experience as in J-RPG game, it the entirety of it is set in Final Fantasy XV universe. It is also a multiplayer game that allows you to play with and up against other people. The game is free to play and the it does it have a drawback in form of in app purchases which can easily be made obsolete with the hack for gold that is available online.

According to the games developers, the world is in disarray and on the brink of chaos. You are supposed to take control and become the new ruler. You will get to play alongside Noctis, Lunafreya, Cindy as well as other memorable characters in this open world MMO game which the developers are claiming to be the largest one in the series so far.

The game features elements of exploration, treasure hunting, monster battling as well as socializing and making friends or enemies with players from all around the world. One of its pros is that this is a mobile game and that’s it can be played on the go and no matter where you are.

For those of you that won’t be able to run Final Fantasy XV on their computers…

I don’t know if you guys know or not, but Final Fantasy XV is getting a “Pocket Edition”. What this means is that Square Enix is basically going to put the entire game and make it run on a mobile devices.

Of course the game is not going to be exactly the same. The graphics are going to be cartoony or to be specific, “chibi”. The controls game is going to have to be reworked as well to suit the touchscreen input. If you’ve played other remakes of Final Fantasy games for mobile devices and some handheld Nintendo consoles then you know what we’re talking about.

But the story is going to be intact. It will be possible for you to experience every single segment of the original game story through the pocket edition possibly with some extras added specifically for this version.



The game is going to be available on Android, Apple and Windows devices this fall so no one gets left out. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this is going to be an episodic release and that the story will span over a total of 10 episodes with the first one being absolutely free of charge for everyone!

So even if you’re not going to be able to run Final Fantasy XV on your computer, perhaps you can experience it as a pocket edition.

Best XBox Horror Games You Should Try


Horror games (and media in general) has a reputation of being less deserving of our attention and not as artistic for a set of standards and milestones set by some of the tittles that in fact are not truly horror but more of a slasher or a jump scare fest. True horror is what is happening in between those moments when the player realizes that there’s something not quite right and that there is a possibility of something going terribly wrong but we can’t just explain why. That feeling of tension and fear of the unknown are what separates the cliché slasher from a good horror game or other media playing with our fears.

There are a couple of games that manage to nail that experience and feeling rather well and we believe that these are very deserving of your attention whether you’re a horror junkie or a casual player simply looking for well presented experience in any game genre. If you can picture yourself as any of the above types of gamer, then by all means, give a chance to:

Among the Sleep

The idea of the game is enough to realize that this is not your everyday “horror” game. You play as baby boy who can barely walk on his feet and is already being chased around by a dark, tall shadowy figure. Every one of us have been babies and we all know how confusing and more often than not, how scary every simple everyday thing can appear in a dark room illuminated only by the moonlight when viewed through the eyes of a child. It starts on “your” second birthday when you go to sleep just to wake up soon and realize that your house is changed and that your mother is nowhere to be found. So you embark on a quest to find where she is by navigating through creepy looking and sounding areas, viewing the world from a ground perspective. It is strange how a low placed camera perspective and a world that seems much bigger that you contribute to the creepiness of the Among the Sleep.  Game pairs you with a sidekick of a kind, a talking teddy bear (I’m sure that this alone is creepy enough for some people) who is consulting and guiding you along your way. While not very challenging and more creepy than scary, this game is something you should check out if you like innovative experiences.



Similar to the previous game but with much more mature and lucid approach to horror, this terrifying experience puts you in a role of a journalist who, contacted by a whistleblower, is set to uncover some dark and illegal secrets practices taking place at the mental institution. Upon arrival you find the front door to be locked but quickly manage to sneak inside like a good scoop hunter and before you know it, you’re knee deep in horror. Player is constantly being chased by inmates with psychopathic and sadistic tendencies and therefore, since you have no way of defending yourself, forced to hide and sneak past them while navigating dark corridors deprived of any light source with the help of your camcorder equipped with a night vision. This sets an amazing and at the same time terrifying “found footage” movie atmosphere and paired up with amazing visuals that this game has, allows for great immersion should you dare play this one in a completely dark room with your headphones on.


Dying Light

Very different from the other games mentioned here yet similar for it manages to set the right scary atmosphere and makes the hair on our body rise from goosebumps. Set in a zombie infested world, Dying Light, unlike the previously mentioned games gives you a fighting chance and in fact encourages you to fight back. You are able to carry around a couple of weapons, melee or firearms and use them as you see fit. You can progress and develop your character any way you want and make him an even better fighter and, being a parkour instructor provides you with an unfair advantage compared to infected… until nigh falls and Volatiles come out to play and by play I mean hunt you down and eat your brains. The unfair advantage I mentioned just now when comparing player to infected still applies but this time Volatiles have it. They are able to run faster than you and also perform parkour and their sight is something that you should try to evade at any cost for, once spotted, your best option is to run. These night-time infected chases are what puts the player on edge, sprinting through pitch black alleyways of a derelict city while hearing a stampede of footsteps, growling and heavy breathing behind you is a terrifying experience. Sure, you can cut infected down, but how long will you last before you make a slip; before your weapon degrades and it’s rendered useless; how many medkits have you managed to scavenge? The infected hordes are seemingly infinite and there’s a big chance that being caught by one enemy for a second will result in you being surrounded and eaten alive in the next couple of them.


For now, let’s put a stop and give you the time to check out and try the game out for yourself before going over more of them, and being a fan of the genre, I’ve got plenty more to offer, you can bet on that. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me if you like our picks for this article, did we judge and presented these games fairly and if not, what was our mistake. Until next time, stay horrified.

Why do we Love Leaderboards?


Leaderboards are as old as we can remember and apparently they have always been there with us. Lately, they’re not as mandatory as they used back in the days of arcade parlors. Single player-ish nature of many of modern-day games simply denies the need for the competitive nature of leaderboard’s. But it’s not really like that, as it?

Certain games like “Hitmen: Absolution” did a really good job implementing the leaderboards system in their otherwise single player game. Having leaderboard around does quite a couple of things to enhance your experience, for example:

  • Feeling of not being alone in the game world
  • Encouraging you to get better and better
  • Trying to score higher than your friends
  • Allow for multiple play-throughs
  • Making the game enjoyable for extended period of time


Believe it or not sense of accomplishment is important for many players. Knowing that your score will be tracked and seen by other players adds something new to the game. You’re not only playing for your own entertainment, you’re also competing against players who are also playing their game.

This alone motivates many people to get better at what they’re doing. When you have a direct indication in form of score in every action you do is valued accordingly, bragging simply won’t cut it. You’re motivated and challenged to perform better, finish the task at hand faster and you are constantly thinking outside of the box looking for new, more efficient and effective ways to complete your goals.

Playing against people you actually know in your real life is even better. Nothing quite like some old-fashioned bragging how you’ve managed to beat every single one of their scores and are now ranked #1 on your friends list. For many people this is much more significant and important than reaching top spot on global leaderboards.

Now, rare are those records that are beaten during your first try. You are most likely to repeat certain levels or challenges for quite a number of times before you even get close to topping that score. This way you will spend significantly more time enjoying challenges that you would normally just play through for a single time before moving on. Having the competitive element present within your game makes it more interesting for you to retry that single challenge until you can score no higher score than you already have, and that is only until somebody beats your score improves that there is in fact a better way to do it. This only motivates you to try it once more and find an even better solution for the current problem in top the high scores once again.

Having all the aspects of leaderboard’s present in single player game tremendously increases its potential in replayability. Games that would offer only for around 10 hours of fun are actually giving you dozen more all of a sudden simply because leaderboards. Communities are established and competitive events are often held where people try to best another. All this makes the game enjoyment last much longer and actually prolongs the life of the game itself, and that is exactly why we love leaderboard’s.

Top GTA V Mods to Spice up Your Game


Ever felt like GTA V lacks freedom and creativity? The chances are highly unlikely however. Even when dealing with the most detailed and unrestrictive games, after dozens of hours the community will find something that they wish was there. Luckily for us, that same community will usually come up with a way to get whatever it feels is missing into the game.

In this post in particular, we’ll go over some of the best GTA V mods that we have stumbled upon online and see if we can get something for everyone.


The one I find to be the most amusing to play with is probably the “Police Mods script”. You know how to say if you can beat them, join them, or as it may be in this case, if beating them is not as pleasurable as it used to be then perhaps it’s time to see it from their perspective. What this simple script does is lets you change your appearance to look like a police officer and then drive around in a car or other law enforcement vehicle of your choosing, tune into radio and respond to emergencies while being pardoned any accidental collateral damage you may cause or “accidentally” shooting a civilian in a crossfire.

If maintaining law and order doesn’t cut it out for you, then perhaps causing some havoc is more of your thing? Sure thing, we got you covered and won’t judge you but at least let us recommend this awesome, stylish and absolutely because weapon. Gravity gun is a weapon mod that will add a secondary function to your stun gun, and while the name is pretty much giving it all away, it will let you lift objects, vehicles and even people and propel them up in the sky or far, far away to another horizon.

If causing chaos or maintaining peace in order are not your things then how about focusing a little bit more on “yourself”. GTA RPG third your game into a sandbox of a kind and lets you develop and personalize your character much more than you would be able to in the vanilla game. Leveling up, choosing perks and customizing your character’s appearance are all a part of this mod, however don’t expect anything radical is still a GTA game, not an actual RPG, even though this mod will certainly make you forget that at times.

However, some people playing GTA V are not really interested in playing a good guy or a bad guy, nor do they give their characters skill lines much importance and would much rather just sit down behind the wheel, put on their hat and truck away. “Trucking mission script” will let you do just that with its various unique trucking jobs that you may choose to complete. Set up your office except the contract and start earning money legit today!

So if you thought you burned out GTA and how there’s nothing more for you to do, just remember there are countless off user made game modifications that may be just what you need to spark up the embers between you and your favorite sandbox once again. For more coverage on GTA mods stay tuned to <<<

Super Mario Run!


Ever since the Super Mario Run got released for iOS it’s been the talk of the Internet. Literally hundreds of thousands of fans are going crazy over this handheld adaptation of the ever popular Italian plumber, Super Mario. Since the game has seen such an increase in popularity we thought it is only right if we gave it a small review of a kind on our own website expressing how you feel about it and what you should expect from it if you’re a new player looking for some new Mario adventure.

Well first of all, Super Mario Run is not your everyday Mario game. First of all, it is a handheld game and with the handheld comes a lot of changes which I’m pretty sure everybody is well aware of. The game is literally playable with one hand in fact, it is actually playable with just one finger. That’s all you need to play the new Mario game and it is only natural that some people might view it as downgraded and simplified however, that’s may not necessarily be the case.

Super Mario Run is actually a fast-paced “run” type of game. If you ever play Temple Run or any similar game this one might of inspired, then you have a pretty solid understanding of what Super Mario Run might be all about and you will be pretty close. The object of the game is pretty much the same as in every run game you ever came across with an exception that this time around it’s actually a two-dimensional side scrolling platformer. However that is not the only addition which Mario has to offer compared to other “run” games.



There actually a couple of mods you can play this game at. First one will let you simply stroll through the level trying to completed with as much style as possible. By style we mean scoring as high as possible and possibly setting a high score for your friends to try and beat.

The second mod will allow you to replay a “ghost match” with a data left by her friend or a score holder from leaderboard’s directly competing with his ghost and trying to beat his score simultaneously while providing a real-time feedback what the opposing player was doing at that time so you may always know or step ahead or behind.

The third and perhaps the most important game mode will allow you to use the coins that you’ve collected so far in order to build your own mushroom kingdom. The toads you find along the way will also be there. If you can wait to build your own mushroom kingdom there is some good news for you since a bunch of guys have already came up with  a way to get infinite Super Mario Run coins for free with this Super Mario Run hack tool.


So yeah, there you have it, that’s Super Mario Run for you. The game is available on iTunes to download for free though it will require one-time payment for a full game activation though it does give you a chance to try before you buy which is super cool. Apparently the game will also be available on Android but not for now, iOS obviously has a brief period of activity on this title so yeah, Android users hang on in there for a while, you’ll get your Mario soon.

What Are the Advantages of Having an SSD on Gaming PC


I’ve heard people talking many times about how if you want to have peak performance in your PC games you would absolutely needs to go for the best equipment available including an SSD over HDD. Now while “expensive” and more modern hardware certainly is better the question is, do I really need it for gaming and what are the benefits?

Let me give you a TL;DR version right away:

No, SSD is definitely not a crucial component for your games to perform flawlessly however, it does have advantages.

So what good is an SSD for gaming then?


I’ll try and explain what exactly SSD will and will not improve. If you have a sluggish HDD chances are your games are going to load for quite some time. There are games where this will be very noticeable and games where this won’t be much of an issue (especially older games). Some huge open world games like the Elder scrolls online are known to have a very long loading time before they let you hop into the game world and in games like this the improvement would be most noticeable. Games that have a lot of details, actors, objects and are generally set in huge areas with seamless transitions from cell to cell would most certainly benefit from having an SSD in your computer though, rest assured that this will not improve your frame rate or visual quality (duuh) in any way.

Everything else in video games, besides loading times is handled by graphical and central processing unit, so for example if you have a scene where a lot of things are going on time, despite it being a large amounts of data, that data has already been loaded in your Random Access Memory also known as RAM and that’s precisely what loading times are for. During the loading time data from your hard disk or solid-state drive is being transferred into your random access memory which is unimaginably faster than both HDD and SSD are (and probably will be for quite some time) and after that when the game needs it, it is processed directly from RAM into what you see on your screen.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the only thing an SDD is good for if you’re a gamer. I guess we can say it will also let you boot up your computer almost instantly compared to HDD and let you play your games more quickly than a standard hard disk drive would allow you to but that would be it. So unless you’re an MMO kind of person or somebody who absolutely hates and can’t stand the loading times in video games, there’s not really a strong reason to get an SSD. It won’t give you a more stable frame rate CPU and GPU are in charge of that, and most certainly won’t make your games latency drop-down as I’ve seen some people online are suggesting, you need a more stable and faster ISP to do that.

Hope I cleared some things out and helped you choose an appropriate storage unit for your next computer configuration.

Why Are Graphics Not That Important


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old saying that may be applied to many things, video gaming included. A lot of people are fast to judge a game but it’s looks and discard inferiorly looking games as worse than the rest. However this is completely wrong and not something you should do when deciding what you should play because graphics are not what makes a videogame good and this is why.

Good Graphics =/= Good Game


Sure, playing an eye candy game has its benefits. It’s more pleasant to look at it’s easier to get yourself lost in the world, etc. However, for how long the game will maintain to focus your attention on itself is a completely different matter. Don’t expect to keep playing only because it looks cool, it’s the quality of content that matters and once you’ve gone through all of it and realize that there is not much of it to keep you interested in first place, that’s when you start to get bored. Once your board, no amount of eye candy will maintain to keep you interested and motivate you to continue playing.

Graphics will always advance, it’s mandatory.

As time goes by, technologies become more advanced. As they advance they allow us to engineer more sophisticated software. With software improvements comes better, more spectacular or realistic or more realistic visuals. This is something that has always been so and always will be. Yet, it has nothing to do with the quality of any given content. Graphics will advance as time goes by, it has nothing to do with developer skill. A crappy game made in the flashiest engine is still a crappy game with flashy graphics while a good game will still be good and enjoyable weather and pixel art or photorealistic presentation.

Classics are remembered for their gameplay, not stunning visuals.

Simply because of the reason that video games are meant to be played, not watched it is clear that good visuals will only get you so far. Don’t get me wrong visuals are important for certain gaming elements like immersion, but it’s actually gameplay that you will remember in years to come. For those reasons exactly we do not fondly remember any classic by its flashy visuals or superbly advanced graphics, but for its gameplay and possible standards that it set for future titles.

These are the reasons why you should always value gameplay over anything else. Having a nice story or fence visuals in your game is generally a good thing, but you shouldn’t games solely on how they look. I like to say that movies are made to be watched, books are meant to be read and music especially for listening and that makes games made to be played before anything of the above-mentioned. Hopefully this letter article will help you pick a game next time you’re in a game store or, browsing online for new title to play.

“Graphics will advance as time goes by, it has nothing to do with developer skill.”


Pros and Cons of Origin Access


Undoubtedly, if you’re a PC gamer, you probably come across EA “Origin” a couple of times by now. Despite being well heard of and frequently marketed, rarely those who were actually using it as a gaming platform. Small selection of game and very high price range are probably the top factors were Origin is not favored by PC gamers when Steam offers on comparably wider selection of titles at much reasonable prices, yet EA is not quite ready to give up yet.


Recent edition to origin platform is of course the Origin access feature. For those of you unfamiliar with what it is, simply think of it as a customer subscription method. From your some of €3.99 a subscriber gains access to selected number of titles for a full month, getting to use every feature of the game exactly as if you owned it. However Origin access is probably not for everybody, some people will undoubtedly like it, while others might not share in their viewpoints.



First off, this is definitely a deal you want to go for if you’re on a budget. For symbolic some of around four euros you’ll be given a monthly access to a wide range of games of all kinds. This access is completely unlimited and you may play the games to your leisure as much as you want and whenever you feel like playing it. New and freshly release games are also available through origin access so you might get a really sweet deal and an opportunity to play freshly released AAA titles at unbelievable price.

The subscription is probably best suited for those with a lot of free time or people who like to shuffle their games and jump from one another occasionally. Also if you happen to have a week off and are planning on gaming excessively the Origin access might be just what you’re looking for. On the other side…


Yes, it’s cheap and accessible. And yes, a lot of games are available and playable for a month, but there are still some restrictions. First off many games come as bare-bone additions meaning that if you want experience any DLC content you will most likely have to pay for it specifically and purchase them in a traditional way. Not only that the program is still pretty much in “early access” stage of development meaning that selection of games is very limited at this time.

Perhaps the most important thing to notice is that you do not actually own these games. Once your subscription runs out you will lose all the games like you never owned them in the first place and you will either have to renew your subscription or purchase the game separately. This creates a feeling of tension and rushes you in a way to finish the game as soon as possible or you might not get the other chance without renewing the subscription. This is only a problem if you were planning to cancel your subscription.


All things considered this is one feature that EA seems to be doing great so far. While possibly too early in the development for the more aspiring gamers it is definitely worth checking out and for the price of mere four euros is definitely available and well worth checking for yourself.