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Bethesda Milks Skyrim Again!


Bethesda’s Creation Club is basically an officially supported modding community. It’s a great thing and it’s a really good idea. Bringing modders together and showing them that they actually appreciate and aknowledge the work they do for their games is a really nice move from Bethesda. What’s not really nice is that they’ve once again tried to monetize mods. This time they’ve actually done it.




Skyrim survival mod has already been announced. It is available for download in its current (beta) state. This is a great thing because Skyrim always had a potential of being a great survival game. Adding things like cold-weather exposition factor and warm clothing, hunger, thirst and fatigue is great and the fact that all of this is officially supported is even better.

There have been all different kinds of mods on the amazing (unofficial) Skyrim modding community, the Nexus Mods of which some were so very well developed and implemented around the game’s core mechanics that no one would even be able to tell that these were not key features of the game if they got them with the game.


But you can only play this official survival mod for a week before you will have to pay if you want to continue playing the game this way…

So it’s basically a copy, and even though we personally haven’t tried the survival mod just yet but probably even a watered-down version (knowing Bethesda) of an already amazing (and absolutely 100% free at that) Frostfall – Hypotherma Camping Survival fan made mod.



Yes, Bethesda is now selling other peoples ideas through their newfound mod distribution platform.


We are not going to lie to you. The implementation of this mod in the core game is absolutely a great thing however, the way that they are trying to do this is just not okay. We’re not going to blame you for wanting to play the game this way, it’s most definitely going to add some depth to a very shallow experience that a base game of Skyrim is but, remember that you can always get the same experience for free. A mod made by someone who’s initial idea wasn’t to cash out and sell the product but to make an enjoyable gameplay experience for himself and other like-minded people at that without ever turning a profit from this.

I guess what were trying to say is, please try not to support paid mods because of this thing turns out to be a success for Bethesda, expect to see this in every other moddable game on the PC.