Top GTA V Mods to Spice up Your Game


Ever felt like GTA V lacks freedom and creativity? The chances are highly unlikely however. Even when dealing with the most detailed and unrestrictive games, after dozens of hours the community will find something that they wish was there. Luckily for us, that same community will usually come up with a way to get whatever it feels is missing into the game.

In this post in particular, we’ll go over some of the best GTA V mods that we have stumbled upon online and see if we can get something for everyone.


The one I find to be the most amusing to play with is probably the “Police Mods script”. You know how to say if you can beat them, join them, or as it may be in this case, if beating them is not as pleasurable as it used to be then perhaps it’s time to see it from their perspective. What this simple script does is lets you change your appearance to look like a police officer and then drive around in a car or other law enforcement vehicle of your choosing, tune into radio and respond to emergencies while being pardoned any accidental collateral damage you may cause or “accidentally” shooting a civilian in a crossfire.

If maintaining law and order doesn’t cut it out for you, then perhaps causing some havoc is more of your thing? Sure thing, we got you covered and won’t judge you but at least let us recommend this awesome, stylish and absolutely because weapon. Gravity gun is a weapon mod that will add a secondary function to your stun gun, and while the name is pretty much giving it all away, it will let you lift objects, vehicles and even people and propel them up in the sky or far, far away to another horizon.

If causing chaos or maintaining peace in order are not your things then how about focusing a little bit more on “yourself”. GTA RPG third your game into a sandbox of a kind and lets you develop and personalize your character much more than you would be able to in the vanilla game. Leveling up, choosing perks and customizing your character’s appearance are all a part of this mod, however don’t expect anything radical is still a GTA game, not an actual RPG, even though this mod will certainly make you forget that at times.

However, some people playing GTA V are not really interested in playing a good guy or a bad guy, nor do they give their characters skill lines much importance and would much rather just sit down behind the wheel, put on their hat and truck away. “Trucking mission script” will let you do just that with its various unique trucking jobs that you may choose to complete. Set up your office except the contract and start earning money legit today!

So if you thought you burned out GTA and how there’s nothing more for you to do, just remember there are countless off user made game modifications that may be just what you need to spark up the embers between you and your favorite sandbox once again. For more coverage on GTA mods stay tuned to <<<