Why Are Graphics Not That Important


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old saying that may be applied to many things, video gaming included. A lot of people are fast to judge a game but it’s looks and discard inferiorly looking games as worse than the rest. However this is completely wrong and not something you should do when deciding what you should play because graphics are not what makes a videogame good and this is why.

Good Graphics =/= Good Game


Sure, playing an eye candy game has its benefits. It’s more pleasant to look at it’s easier to get yourself lost in the world, etc. However, for how long the game will maintain to focus your attention on itself is a completely different matter. Don’t expect to keep playing only because it looks cool, it’s the quality of content that matters and once you’ve gone through all of it and realize that there is not much of it to keep you interested in first place, that’s when you start to get bored. Once your board, no amount of eye candy will maintain to keep you interested and motivate you to continue playing.

Graphics will always advance, it’s mandatory.

As time goes by, technologies become more advanced. As they advance they allow us to engineer more sophisticated software. With software improvements comes better, more spectacular or realistic or more realistic visuals. This is something that has always been so and always will be. Yet, it has nothing to do with the quality of any given content. Graphics will advance as time goes by, it has nothing to do with developer skill. A crappy game made in the flashiest engine is still a crappy game with flashy graphics while a good game will still be good and enjoyable weather and pixel art or photorealistic presentation.

Classics are remembered for their gameplay, not stunning visuals.

Simply because of the reason that video games are meant to be played, not watched it is clear that good visuals will only get you so far. Don’t get me wrong visuals are important for certain gaming elements like immersion, but it’s actually gameplay that you will remember in years to come. For those reasons exactly we do not fondly remember any classic by its flashy visuals or superbly advanced graphics, but for its gameplay and possible standards that it set for future titles.

These are the reasons why you should always value gameplay over anything else. Having a nice story or fence visuals in your game is generally a good thing, but you shouldn’t games solely on how they look. I like to say that movies are made to be watched, books are meant to be read and music especially for listening and that makes games made to be played before anything of the above-mentioned. Hopefully this letter article will help you pick a game next time you’re in a game store or, browsing online for new title to play.

“Graphics will advance as time goes by, it has nothing to do with developer skill.”