Pros and Cons of Origin Access


Undoubtedly, if you’re a PC gamer, you probably come across EA “Origin” a couple of times by now. Despite being well heard of and frequently marketed, rarely those who were actually using it as a gaming platform. Small selection of game and very high price range are probably the top factors were Origin is not favored by PC gamers when Steam offers on comparably wider selection of titles at much reasonable prices, yet EA is not quite ready to give up yet.


Recent edition to origin platform is of course the Origin access feature. For those of you unfamiliar with what it is, simply think of it as a customer subscription method. From your some of €3.99 a subscriber gains access to selected number of titles for a full month, getting to use every feature of the game exactly as if you owned it. However Origin access is probably not for everybody, some people will undoubtedly like it, while others might not share in their viewpoints.



First off, this is definitely a deal you want to go for if you’re on a budget. For symbolic some of around four euros you’ll be given a monthly access to a wide range of games of all kinds. This access is completely unlimited and you may play the games to your leisure as much as you want and whenever you feel like playing it. New and freshly release games are also available through origin access so you might get a really sweet deal and an opportunity to play freshly released AAA titles at unbelievable price.

The subscription is probably best suited for those with a lot of free time or people who like to shuffle their games and jump from one another occasionally. Also if you happen to have a week off and are planning on gaming excessively the Origin access might be just what you’re looking for. On the other side…


Yes, it’s cheap and accessible. And yes, a lot of games are available and playable for a month, but there are still some restrictions. First off many games come as bare-bone additions meaning that if you want experience any DLC content you will most likely have to pay for it specifically and purchase them in a traditional way. Not only that the program is still pretty much in “early access” stage of development meaning that selection of games is very limited at this time.

Perhaps the most important thing to notice is that you do not actually own these games. Once your subscription runs out you will lose all the games like you never owned them in the first place and you will either have to renew your subscription or purchase the game separately. This creates a feeling of tension and rushes you in a way to finish the game as soon as possible or you might not get the other chance without renewing the subscription. This is only a problem if you were planning to cancel your subscription.


All things considered this is one feature that EA seems to be doing great so far. While possibly too early in the development for the more aspiring gamers it is definitely worth checking out and for the price of mere four euros is definitely available and well worth checking for yourself.